Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My To Do List's another sunny hot day in the life of Lexi Smith. I'm so sorry it's been awhile, after I joined facebook I have been extremely busy between e-mailing and facebook. ;D Facebook is extremely addicting! :D
Great new, it is now exactly 13 days till I return to the US, so I should be seeing most of you soon! =) Especially at NAYC of 2009 in Nashville, Tennesee. =) I'm REALLY looking forward to it!
My grandparents are now here in Guyana until August I think. It's been great having them around all the time. =)
I am so excited about going back to the USA and I've made to do list:
1. Take a hot shower for two whole hours and if anyone tries to stop me..............;D
2. Eat at Subway!!! Yum!
3. Crash every close available American mall!!!
4. Enjoy the 24/7 air condtioning!
5. Hook up with all my friends close by and spend some quality girl time!
6. Go on vacation and ENJOY being with the fam
7. Spend mucho mucho time with my cousin Charity and her fam in NC, also one of my best friends in the world, I tell her EVERYTHING!!!
8. See more fam in OH and have fun there too.
9. Go to NAYC and reconnect with old friends, and hopefully meet some new ones.
10. Go to school, have a blast, get a part-time job and graduate!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Top 15 Reasons You Know You're a Teen-ager

What's up? I've got a couple of jokes for you today. What did the teddy bear say when he was offered desert? "No thanks, I'm stuffed." =) What do I, a flat hair do, soggy jacket, drenched skirt, and almost ruined shoes have in common? Ha ha! Rain! We started passing out tracts Sunday and it hadn't rained a drop yet but about 15 minutes after we started it sprinkled then poured! Ahhhh! I looked a sight! My shoe bottoms fell off and it's gonna take some real work to repair them.

Now I have The Top 15 Reasons You Know You're a Teen-ager. You know you're a teen-ager when...........................................................................

1. You can text blind-folded.

2. You spend more time on the computer than with your family.

3. You've been in love ten times already with different members of the opposite sex.

4. Your parents keep asking you if you're currently using the pimple cream they bought for you.

5. Your parents are always complaining you talk back to them and that you're mouthy. (C'mon I'm not the only one, are I?)

6. If you're not eating or sleeping you're listening to music, music takes up half your life!

7. You've had your heart broken at least once only a year or two ago.

8. You have three bottles of different cleansers for your face in your shower.

9. You've never heard of the singers, bands, or celebrities that were popular when your parents were teen-agers.

10. You listen to a new CD over and over again.

11. Your parents say when you become a teen-ager some wires in your brain get disconnected.

12. You have recently played Truth or Dare (like in the past year).

13. You already have five college brochures.

14. You eat ALL the time.

15. If you have younger brothers or sisters you're the favorite babysitter who never gets paid.
Well that wraps it up folks! Until next time.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Como etsa? That means how are you in Spanish, ha ha! I just returned from Spanish class at Sis. Michelle Nedd's, one of our pastor's daughters. I took a Spanish test today, I got a 95.5! AH! I made a teensy wittle mistake and it cost me four and half points! AH! =) Cute Jamal Harris was there this time thankfully, he's really cool. =) Spanish class is really boring without him. =) Too bad I don't date non-Americans! Ha ha! =) He just moved to a place called Diamond, which unfortunately lessens the odds of getting him to come to church with me! =) I want to ask him next week to come on Easter Sunday because we're trying to have 300 in attendance and every individual counts, besides him and Denisa everyone else I know already goes to church and I want to help my church out some way. Besides I don't want to leave here without making an effort to witness to him. =) Maybe if he comes I can get him to let me teach him a Bible Study. =) What a cute student he would make. =) Jamal said his dad said something about all of them attending church together on Easter Sunday, some Assemblies of God church. I hope I can get him to come with me. =)
We visited Bro. Roy's church in Burbis last night. =) What an experience! It was a dedication service, my dad preached. We worship good at my church, but boy do they get with it there! Unfortunately one or two people could have been a little more modest in their worship, if you know what I mean! Whew!
Sis. Shermela, Bro. Byrd, Bevon, Melinda, and I rode in one car on the way going until we reached a village called Enmore then Bro. Byrd drove Bro. Lyte's truck the rest of the way with Rahsaan. Before that Rahsaan rode with my parents and Steven, Cameron, and Job in the Hilux Surf. Bro. and Sis. Lyte drove a minibus with more people in it when we got to their church in Enmore. Ha ha! We were all in a race to see who could get there first! For your information we won! Ha ha, the car with all the girls. Dad wasn't really into the whole passing each other thing, but Bro. Lyte and Bro. Byrd put up some pretty stiff competition, even to the point of pretending their hood came up and stopping to slow us down! They claim it really happened, but we don't believe them, ha ha! The church in Burbis was built to look like an Ark! Ha ha! Although I wouldn't have known it had the pastor not said something. =)
Ok today I'm going to give you ten reasons I'm eager to get back to the U.S. of A.
Reason 1. I miss my grandparents, uncle, aunts, and cousins major! I haven't seen them in almost two years and we used to spend every Thanksgiving and Christmas together! =(
Reason 2. Air conditioning, don't you love those two words? We only experience air conditioning at night and in the car.
Reason 3. Snow, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, white snow! I love it! =)
Reason 4. Driving license! I don't have mine yet and I'm 17!!!!!!!! Yike!
Reason 5. School, I've never really liked home school. I know I'm going to love going to school again, public or not!
Reason 6. A lot of my friends live in the States and unless they plan to visit in the next two and a half months, I won't see them.
Reason 7. I miss my home country! I'm ready to go back, it's time.
Reason 8. Job, I'm not allowed to have one over here, and even if I was I'd feel guilty for taking a job away from someone who really needs it. I need to start saving and I like the idea of having some spending money too.
Reason 9. Youth Congress, I so can't wait till YC 2009! I'm really excited! Most of my friends are going too and we're planning on hanging out together at least one night.
Reason 10. School of Missions, I'm really looking forward to this one, I'll meet lots of other MKs my age and have tons of fun, I'm still not sure if my school will let me out for it or not, but I have faith in the power of prayer! I'm looking forward to this even more than Youth Congress.
We're going to Bro. Latchman's tomorrow. I'll miss going to my church and hanging out with my friends. Sunday morning is when everyone comes if they don't come any other day of the week. =( But Bro. Latchman is really cool. He's so fiery, it's funny because his wife is the opposite, she's very quiet and laid back. =)
Well I hope this wasn't too boring for you, nobody has e-mailed me today so I was trying to do something to pass the time. =) Unfortunately I'm on dish duty today, as my "dear" mother informed me before leaving for a meeting at the church. The boys get to put away dishes. =) Please pray I can get Jamal to come on Easter Sunday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Forty Random Facts About Me"

Ok hey everybody, MK retreat in August is checked off my list because there won't be one this year, they only have them every other year and this year is not it. Big bummer! And unfortunately it looks like I won't be attending Illinois Church Camp this year either. Another big bummer! But I think by then I'll just be happy to be back in the States! Not going to Illinois Church Camp does effect my boyfriend situation though! Ha ha! =)
I have a joke for you today, like what did Adam say when he first saw Eve? Woooooooooooo, man! Ha ha! =)
40 Random Facts About Me.................................................................
Fact 1. My eyes change colors, I don't think they change with my moods although I'm not positive, but with the colors I wear. If I wear blue, they seem to reflect that color, and the rest of the time they're green.
Fact 2. I absolutely hate chocolate! I'm serious, I do like Peanut Butter Cups, Twix bars, Tootsie Rolls, and M & Ms, but that's as far as it goes. =)
Fact 3. I love sour candy, give me starburst, starburst jelly beans, nerds, lemon heads (which incidentally are fat free), shockers, sweetarts, or Laffy Taffy any day over chocolate! I also love Hot Tamales!
Fact 4. At the present moment and probably for at least three more months, I do not have a boyfriend or even a crush. Boring, aren't I? =)
Fact 5. I have two brothers, Steven age 14 and 3/4, and Cameron age 10 and 3/4, which makes me the oldest! It's good to be the only princess in my queendom! =)
Fact 6. I play the keyboard a little bit and the drums a little bit, but I play the congas best! It's not every day you see a real girly girl risking getting callouses on her hands because she's beating the daylights out of some cowhide top drums! =)
Fact 7. I have never in my whole 17 and 3/4ths years ever broken one bone! Not even a fracture or twisted ankle! Big news: I don't plan to either! Although I have had a black eye, been stung by a bee unlike Laurissa W. and I had a football hit me right smack in the face, yeah that didn't feel too good. I still have nightmares, ha ha, not really!
Fact 8. My birthday is on the last day of July, the 31rst! =)
Fact 9. I love Mexican food, my dream first date is to be sitting across from a major hunk in a booth eating tortilla chips with salsa together and listening to La Cucaracha! =) Ha ha!
Fact 10. I have been to let me see, seven other countries besides the good ol' U.S. of A. and about half of the 50 United States of America if not more!
Fact 11. I love hot stuff, give me herdez salsa from Mexico any day over that fake American tomato paste stuff!
Fact 12. My grandparents who are retiring soon, are missionaries to Mexico, I can't remember for how long, but it's like 20-something years I believe! Making me a second generation MK! Their names are Bro. & Sis. Tony and Delta Smith. Trust me if you've met my grandpa, you'd remember him! =)
Fact 13. I am a third generation UPC pentecostal girl on both sides of my family! =)
Fact 14. I love the sound of the rain, I also love thunderstorms, although I draw the line on lightning!
Fact 15. I have tasted Chicken Curry! =) Ha ha! Trust me, it's an experience!
Fact 16. Me and my brother Steven look absolutely nothing alike. I'm light-haired, bright-eyed, and skinny. He's dark-haired, brown-eyed, and pudgy. =) If you didn't know it you'd never guess we were brother and sister. However me and Cam look a little bit alike.
Fact 17. I'm in ACE Paces. =) Yep, I get done pretty early! =) LOL!
Fact 18. I have never ever been to public school in my whole life, it's always been Christian school or home school. I will experience it however this fall! =) I can't wait!
Fact 19. I am turning 18 this year, although that was probably pretty obvious from fact number 7 and 8.
Fact 20. I plan on attending secular college in Ohio for two years, then two years of Gateway or IBC, then another two years of secular college to finish up my degree.
Fact 21. I love poetry! It's sad that America has lost it's love for the written word. Back in the old days newspapers and books were their TVs and radios. I've been studying some poetry in English, and the stuff they used to write back then SO totally rocks! I wish we still had that love of poetry today.
Fact 22. I also love writing poems, the past two years for Mother's Day and Father's Day I wrote them poems and read them in front of church. I'm pretty good at it.
Fact 23. I don't like wearing socks or sweaters! Ha ha! My mom practically had to force me to stop wearing short sleeve shirts in the winter when we lived in the States, I just hated wearing stuffy sweaters and sweatshirts (they don't call them that for nothing, you know).
Fact 24. I don't own one pair of tennis shoes, tennis shoes with short jean skirts and socks looks so dorky to me! I do own a pair of slip-on tennis-like shoes, but they're not true tennis shoes.
Fact 25. I dislike southern gospel music. Give me Third Day or Switchfoot any day!
Fact 26. I'm a really fast e-mailer, as soon as I read an e-mail, which by the way I check mine every day, I immediately hit the reply button. I also reply to my e-mails in order of who e-mailed me first. Only fair right?
Fact 27. I got the Holy Ghost when I was five and I was baptized in the same year before turning six. Hallelujah! All due to two awesome Sunday School teachers, give them a hand clap, Sis. Chandra and her sister Sis. Charla, at that time their last names were King! =)
Fact 28. I hate snakes, which being a girl, isn't too random. =) I once met this girl on a white water rafting trip, she was our guide, who had a pet snake I believe. Yep, she was weird! Ha ha! =)
Fact 29. I absolutely love cats! I had a cat named Tigger Blue (he had blue eyes when he was little), he was so cute, he was orange all over just like Garfield and Tigger, but I haven't seen him in months which is definitely easier than him dying. Now I have a cat named Mousie (it's weird the names we come up with, isn't it?). He's so cute, but I confess I think I was more attached to Tigger, him being my first cat, and we had him from since he was tiny. He was adorable!
Fact 30. I am one blank blond! Ha ha! I took this personality test and sure enough one of my weaknesses is I'm blank! Ha ha! =) It's a cute weakness though. One time when the AYC girls were here in June of 2008 I rode on the bus with them and then we got off at my house, I walked right up to the door and pounded on the door, not knowing my whole family was in the bus so nobody was home. One of the girls after laughing about it later said, "I thought that was kinda weird." Ha ha! Another time I was playing on our electric piano at home and I thought I was using the earphones so when my mom told me to turn it down, I pointed to the earphones and they weren't plugged in. We all had a good laugh over that one. I used to be blond when I was little, but as I got older my hair got darker. Once a blond always a blond! =)
Fact 31. I'm a phlegmatic with an f (another blond moment) with sanguine weaknesses. =)
Fact 32. I'm supposed to wear glasses but I never do. They're in a glasses case somewhere and I hate wearing them. I look like SUCH a geek! =) Word of advice, don't follow my example, wear your glasses if you have them! I know, I know do as I say not as I do, but I don't feel like going through the head aches again!
Fact 33. Most of my friends at church are either a couple to four years younger than me or like 24 and above, I only have a couple that are actually my age or close to it.
Fact 34. I don't think this is random for any pentecostal girl either, but I love Christian romance novels and movies! =)
Fact 35. I love old stories like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Becoming Jane, which are incidentally movies.
Fact 36. I love sherbert ice cream even though it's fat free, it's my favorite ice cream!
Fact 37. My Guyana doesn't have Taco Belle, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Subway, or any type of Mexican restaurant whatsoever.
Fact 38. My Guyana does have Popeye's, KFC, Pizza Hut, and tons of Chinese restaurants that are a lot better than the ones in the U.S. of A. Anything that can fix chicken a different way! Ha ha! =)
Fact 39. My parents got my name from a license plate. I was like "What kind of a thing is that to tell a child? What did you do, name me on the way to the hospital?" Ha ha! =)
Fact 40. My middle name is named after my mom, her name is Cheri, my middle name is Cheri with an accent on the "i."
Do you think you know everything about me now? =) Ha ha! Well you don't, but you do know a lot of things most people wouldn't guess. =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Dead Man"

Our last Sunday morning service was a knock out! Bro. Eastman from a church in Toronto, Canada, preached a wonderful message of God's love. :) We think about five got the Holy Ghost during last weekend's revival, two baptized, and at least two much needed refillings. That Sunday was different! Haha! I got a beautiful compliment from an adorable young girlfriend, "You looked so pretty, you looked like an American Queen." Thanks for the compliment, but even I wouldn't go that far! Ha ha! I got a text from a guy from my church who admitted to having a crush on me! Haha! It feels good to be loved! But I'm praying about how I should deal with it! I really don't want to hurt him, but it will never happen. I'll be leaving soon and............well anyway.
It's already past the middle of March and every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every millisecond brings me closer and closer to several dates I'm looking froward to this year.
--April 15, my grandparents, retiring missionaries to Mexico, Bro. Tony & Delta Smith are arriving on AIM to stay for 9-12 months, I'm not sure exactly how long.
--The last Wednesday in April, Bro. Hattabaugh, who pastors in Cooper City, Florida, is coming to preach our National Conference and he's bringing a group of ten or less from his church with him, I'm hoping for a teenager in the group!
--June 15, we take a plane trip back to the U.S. of A. and I begin a totally different life! Public school for the first time in the fall and living with two elderly people I adore while the rest of my family tours the U.S.A. while picking up partners to help them go back to Guyana!
--June, I might be going to Illinois Church Camp and receiving a refreshing in my spirit! Thank God! I get to hang out with old friends and make some new ones, see lots of American young people of the UPC together for the first time in years! Stare at American guys for fear they'll vanish! LOL! :)
--June, see grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins I haven't seen for two years! Hang out with them and pray fervently for them! Tell my cousin Britnee all about my first heart break and maybe cry, play truth or dare, laugh, take lots of pictures, and have her brother, my cousin Kelsey teach me how to drive!
--July, maybe go on a local AYC Texas missions trip, make new friends and get closer to finding out what God has called me to do in this life.
--July, maybe spend some time with my cousin Charity, who also happens to be one of my best friends in the whole world! Laugh, take lots of pictures, have her fix my hair and show me how she did it, attend services together, ask about her recent love life and tell her all about mine (if I have one by then, lol).
--July 31, celebrate my 18th birthday and marvel at how fast time flies, since I still feel like I just turned 13!
--August 5-7, go to North American Youth Congress with my cousin Charity and hang out with the AYC girls who came in June of 2008, relive old memories of making so many close friends in such a short time and telling them all my deep dark secrets I haven't shared for a long time, handing out tracts, shopping, attending Guyana's Ladies Conference, staying at the hotel with them, swimming in the hotel's pool, prank calling, and having a prayer meeting in one of the girls' rooms!
--August 6th, wish Alexandra Triona a happy 18th birthday, and marveling at how we were born 6 days apart!
--August, maybe attend an MK retreat for the first time! I so can't wait!
--August, maybe attend School of Missions if my school will let me off for it.
--August, go to my first day of public school and decide if I like it or not! I hope to teach lots of Bible studies and win my school to Christ! Look for a part-time job, hopefully at a department store, that fits with my church schedule and school schedule.
--October or September, maybe attend General Conference if my school will let me off for it as well, hang out with old friends, and rock out in the tremendous services we're sure to have!
--November, thank God I'm back home, I have my family, and hopefully I'll have taught a lot of Bible studies by then and have some of my school friends attending church with me.
--December, celebrate my favorite holiday with my family in Ohio for the first time in three years, open lots of gifts, give lots of gifts, and thank Jesus for being born in a stable so I could have eternal life!
Between August and December I'm not sure what else me life holds, but I plan on trusting God all the way through it all! I'm not sure if you've heard this song from Wow Hits 2007 called "Dead Man (Carry Me)" by Jars of Clay, it goes like this:

January 1, I gotta lot of things on my mind,
Looking at my body through a new spice (?) satellite,
Try to lift a finger, but I don't think I can make the call,
So tell me if I move cause I don't feel anything at all, alllllllllllllll,

So carry me,
I'm just a dead man,
Lyin' on the carpet,
Can't find a heartbeat,
Make me free,
Wanna be a new man,
Tired of the old one,
Off with the old plan,


Woke up from a dream about an empty funeral,
But it was better than the party full of people I don't really know,
They've got hearts to break and burn, dirty hands to fill the earth,
There's something in my veins, but I can't seem to make it work,
Won't work,

So carry me,
I'm just a dead man,
Lyin' on the carpet,
Can't find a heartbeat,
Make me free,
Wanna be a new man,
Tired of the old one,
Off with the old plan

Can you find a beat, inside of me?
Any pulse?
Getting worse,
Any pulse?
Getting worse, inside of me?
Can you find a beat?

Carry me,
I'm just a dead man,
Lyin' on the carpet,
Can't find a heartbeat,
Make me free,
Wanna be a new man,
Tired of the old one,
Off with the old plan,

Carry me,
I'm just a dead man,
Lyin' on the carpet,
Can't find a heartbeat,
Make me free,
Wanna be a new man,
Tired of the old one,
Off with the old plan
This is one of my favorite songs and it describes how I'll feel when I get back to the U.S.A. Like a whole new person. :) Wow, I'm proud of myself, this is my longest blog yet! :) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009


This past Thursday night we had a revival service! It was awesome! Bro. Dawson, the first missionary ever to Guyana, South America preached. Most of the people present were saints. During the altar service I knelt praying, when I got up, I saw this girl who has been in church almost her whole life and has had a few rocky roads touched tremendously, she was balling and speaking in tongues for probably the first time in awhile, I prayed with her. Thank God! Today they had sessions at the church for ministers. We have another revival service tonight. I'm expecting great things. :) Pray for revival in Guyana, remember the Smith family in your prayers. Soon we will be returning to the States and my family (besides me) will be going on deputation. Please pray that they will raise money to go back to Guyana soon. We are currently the only missionaries in Guyana, and Guyana needs us.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lexi Smith coming at you from Guyana, South America, land of many waters. I am 17, have blue-green eyes, light brown hair, and I'm roughly 5'3. I hate chocolate, long skirts, and stuck-on-themselves people(well I don't hate them, just dislike them). I love sour and hot stuff, short skirts (knee-length), and electric blue. I love it when people call me Lexi (it's not my full name). We'll be leaving Guyana this mid-June, and I'm really happy. I've lost my sense of belonging here, maybe some of you can relate to that. I'll be attending high school this fall at a public school in Ohio for the first time. I can't wait! I plan on going to Youth Congress, maybe and MK retreat, and School of Missions. :) If any of you would like to e-mail me my e-mail address is, I'd love to be your pen pal. :)